Ravid - Ceramic pendant

(Hanging View)

Green ceramic glazed cookie pendant with butterfly charm. Hung from brown rope.
 Ceramic pendant measures 44mm. 

April - Flower and leaf

(Hanging View)

Flower and Leaf hung from dusty blue silk string.
Leaf measures 20mm by 40mm. 

Love - Metal plate engraving

Metal plate stamped with LOVE. Hung from beige rope cord.
Plate measures 32mm by 18mm.

Tibby - Turquoise drop

(Hanging View)

Turquoise drop and dragonfly. Hung from cream silk string.
Turquoise drop measures 39mm by 29mm.

Lisbet - Black lava

Real black lava stone hung from silver chain.
Stone measures 35mm by 25mm.

Believe - Metal disc and cross

Metal disc stamped BELIEVE and metal cross. Hung on black suede leather.
Disc measures 33mm by 33mm.

Annabel - Turquoise swirl pendant

Turquoise pendant wrapped in brass filigree swirls with brown bead drop. Hung on a brown suede leather cord. Pendant measures 30mm by 20mm.